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How to Install Auto Glass?

How to Install Auto Glass?

If you have had a minor accident or you have suffered an irreparable chip to your windshield then there is a good chance that you will need to have your windshield replaced in order to be able to continue driving your vehicle. Although this is unfortunate, the good thing is that auto glass installation is not a complicated procedure, and can be done relatively quickly.

Although there are lots of auto glass installation specialists available to help you if you want an expert to replace your windshield, you can actually do your own auto glass installation if you have all the necessary equipment and here is how:
The first thing you need to do when carrying out an auto glass installation is to source a new piece of glass. You can get this from auto glass specialists, direct from the makers of your car, from a junkyard, or from other sources; as long as the glass is intended for your model of vehicle, then it does not matter. Wash the glass before you carry out your auto glass installation, to ensure that it is free from oil or grease. If the glass isn’t properly clean, then the adhesive which you use will not be able to form a proper seal.
Once you have new glass, you can begin to remove the sealant which keeps the old windshield in place. Try to do this carefully, so as not to damage the rest of the vehicle, then carefully remove the old panel of auto glass.
Once the glass is removed, clean the track area where the old glass came out of, to remove all traces of dirt, dust and glass. You must also ensure that all traces of the old sealant are removed, or else this could comprise the new seal when in place, and it may not be watertight or airtight.
When the area is clean, put in more special auto glass installation adhesive, and gently put the new piece of glass into place. The glass should fit securely and not be able to move around at all, even before the adhesive is dry. Use an auto glass sealant around the edges of the new windshield to ensure that the glass has a watertight and airtight seal. When the adhesive and sealant are dry, you can remove any excess sealant which may have got on the new windshield, but take care not to remove any of the functional sealants.
Although you can do this yourself, auto glass installation experts are often able to source new windshield more quickly and they are often able to fit a new windshield within hours of the original incident happening. Many auto glass fitters are even able to carry out their work by the roadside, meaning that you can drive away as soon as the installation is complete! Either way, having a new windshield fitted does not have to be a costly or time-consuming experience, so do not panic if you need to get a new windshield fitted.

Whether you decide to do your own auto glass installation or contact an auto glass installation expert, always ensure that your auto glass is securely in place before driving the vehicle.

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