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FAQs on Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Installation in Orange County, CA

FAQs on Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Installation in Orange County, CA

All the car owners out there have one question in common – what if the auto glass damages or cracks? Is it possible to replace it or even if it is, how long will it take for the professionals to complete the work? Well, there might be various queries regarding windshield; here are 3 questions and answers people commonly ask regarding auto glass installation, and more.

3 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Auto Glass Installation

1. Should you repair or replace a broken windshield?
This choice largely depends on the severity, area, and size of the damage caused.
a. Area of damage: If the cracks have happened at the edge of the auto glass, it will spread quite faster. You can repair it if noticed in time; otherwise, it’s always better to replace. Again, in case the crack is in the driver’s line of vision, most companies prefer to replace it as repairing would leave behind minor distortions.

b. Size and Severity: If it’s a quarter-sized damage or with cracks that are 3 inches long, reputed professionals can easily repair it. Even some windshield repair installation companies also restore 12 inches crack on the auto glass of your car with specialized techniques. However, anything more than that demands a replacement.

2. How long does it take for auto glass installation or repair?

Well, to give an approximate idea, experts often complete repairing work in just 30 minutes, depending on the damage. Installations usually take around 1 hour. The urethane requires 1 more hour. So, after 2 hours, you can drive back your car safely. However, back glasses or doors are mostly bolted in and hence; do not require an extra hour to cure.

3. How to choose the best company?

This is an important aspect to consider while you are planning to get a windshield repair or installation done. Here are some of the major pointers to select the best and reputed company for your car’s auto glass.

a. All the technicians at the company should have proper training, skill, and certification.
b. The company should have experience in this domain for a good number of years.
c. The restoration company’s packages should be in your budget. Usually, reputed companies would charge exactly worth their service quality.
d. Enquire whether they are using all advanced machinery and techniques or not.
e. Make sure the products they are using are all matching with the FMVSS standard.
f. They must possess adequate insurance coverage.
g. The professionals you choose should be open to communicate and discuss your requirements.
h. A good company will always explain you how they will accomplish the task.
i. Last but not the least, ensure that the professionals also offer auto glass tinting along with their repairing and installation services.

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