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10 Tips Auto Glass Tinting

10 Tips Auto Glass Tinting

Adding tint to the windows of your car is one of the known ways of improving the appearance of the car. Along with the good looks it gives, it also provides security and privacy to the car owner. All the valuables that are inside the car remain safe from burglars and thieves as the tint blocks the view of from the outside. Auto glass tinting can be removed and replaced as well. The tints reduce the glare, protect the passengers from strong sun rays, prevent the interior of the car from losing color, provide a cool atmosphere and give great benefit in summers.
Are you thinking of having car windows tinting? Then you need to know certain tips that will help you in every aspect and to make the right choice as well:

1. Buy the right tints

Once you decide to get your windows tinted then you need to think of what type of tint you need to buy. Buy UV-reflecting tints to deflect UV rays. Make sure they are of the best quality.

2. Consider the law

Before going for any kind of tint, first, confirm whether it is legally allowed in your area or not. The federal regulations allow 70% of the light to pass through if the window is tinted. The windshield can only be tinted from four to six inches from the top.

3. Choose a professional

To get the car windows tinting, you should always hire a professional for it. Doing it yourself might lead to waste of your money on the tints as you might ruin them if not handled carefully.

4. Get the right supplies

After choosing the window tint for your car, you need to get all the other supplies before installing them. The supplies include masking tape, spray bottle; glass cleaner, butcher paper, bottle water, scissors, baby shampoo and a small squeegee or an old credit card could work as well.

5. Prepare the window for tinting

The window glass which you are going to tint must be cleaned carefully in order to remove all dirt and remember no fingerprints.

6. Prevent and remove bubbles

While auto glass tinting on the window, make sure you do not form any bubbles on the glass. A heat gun will be useful in shrinking the film evenly on the window and prevent bubbles as well.

7. Let the tint dry

Allow the tint to dry for at least three days. Make sure you do not open or close the windows during this time.

8. Tinted window cleaning

When the tinted is done, first set it out for drying. After this, you need to watch that your car does not get dirty so you don’t get to wash it, at least for a month.

9. Washing tips

Wash the windows only with hands while cleaning it to avoid any damage to the window tints.

10. Care for the window tint

Park the car in your garage or shade and wash it carefully by hand. Always choose the best tinting material and always hire a professional for the job.
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