I am the sole proprietor, dealer ( IRVINE AUTO CENTER ) and laborer of my working shop for over 12 years, and my experience in window tinting extends past 16 years. I can guarantee accurate, top- quality custom work detailed to your needs because I do all the work myself. All of the different tint I use, which includes but is not limited to Ceramic Tint and 3M Crystalline Tint, comes with Lifetime Warranties.

Our establishment was first conceived as a notion to provide the best service and care to other people’s cars, as we ourselves would like our automobiles to be treated.  After arduous training and self-sacrifice, the owner, an entrepreneur at heart, studied different aspects of car care.

He understood that what he would’nt want for his own car, he would not do for his customers, and perfected the art on his own automobiles in the heart of Saddleback before touching the car of another.  Satisfied with his refined skill, he opened Saddleback Auto Detail and Tint Inc., and from there he started a small, family operated business that would keep the customers at heart.

Wanting a different change of pace, he moved to Irvine Auto Center, a heart of the autombile economy, and took with him not only years of experience, but that same homely care he started with many years ago.

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Our Address:

51 Auto Center Dr Ste A-2 Irvine, CA 92618


33.6342594, -117.7211596

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